About Us




    Although more than a decade apart in age, Taylor & Terra have a bond that connects and makes them a dynamic team. Taylor & Terra were both teenage mothers and young wives who faced their future feeling at times that the odds were stacked against them. They both had a determination to rise above the obstacles and prove to others that no matter what challenges you face, with hard work and perseverance, nothing is impossible. 

    Fast forward many years later and this dynamic duo has opened the CSRA’s one stop shop for home decor, gifts, fresh floral, and apparel. The story of how this store was born is nothing short of amazing and they have laughed that it would make for a great book one day. Many would think that this adventure has been years in the making but in typical Taylor & Terra fashion the ground work for this store just started in July when Terra approached Taylor with an idea of opening a store front. Unknowingly to Terra this had always been a dream of Taylor’s that she had only shared with her husband. She even had a business plan written out with hopes that one day God would open the door and make the dream a reality. With Terra’s business knowledge and Taylor’s talent they knew they had what it took to make this venture a success.

    What seems like a whirlwind, in less than 8 weeks, they were able to secure a location, stock their store with some amazingly cute items, and be ready to showcase to the CSRA a unique store where not only can you find some great items but also where they could leave the customer with an experience unlike anywhere else. They both knew from the beginning that they wanted to support as many local businesses as possible and they pride themselves on using several Augusta area craftsmen and local businesses for their products.

    A lot of people question where their unique name came from. One day, after a random brainstorming text, Taylor and Terra both realized they favorited the same exact tree. A Weeping Willow. Weeping Willows are known for being deeply and aggressively rooted and they thrive by bodies of water. When you see a Weeping Willow, your eyes are instantly drawn to its beauty. Having “Southern” in the name was a given as Terra and Taylor were both born and raised in the south and wanted to showcase those southern roots through their products. 

Southern Willow Market could not be more excited to be a part of the community, serve their customers, and bring a little joy to your home.

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